Tatsiana Potvorova

 Tatsiana Potvorova was born on 29th of July, 1982 in Kobrin (Belarus). 2003- graduated from Kobrin Art College. 2008- graduated from Brest State University in the name of Pushkin. 2008- present- fine art restorer at Brest Regional Museum of Local History and Culture. 2014- member Professional Union of  Russian  artists. 2015- Member Professional Union of  Belorussian artists.


“Both by its attitude and technique Tatsiana Potvorova’s painting reminds of the French impressionism mixed with the Russian impressionism of the beginning of last century. The artist knows how to convey on canvas the beauty and poetry spread in surroundings. She makes the most simple and usual moments of life be joyful and festive. An emphatic, emotional stroke, scattered colours, vibrating light air give special charm to her paintings”

            Larisa Bortnik, the fine art expert , Minsk


2005 – Brest, BrSU, exhibition “Maistry i vuchni”
2005 – Brest, BrSU, exhibition “Plener 2005”
2006 – Brest, gallery “Belart”, personal exhibition “Aquarelle”
2007 – Vitebsk, “Artsession 2007” (international exhibition contest of visual arts)
2007 – Pinsk, Concert hall, exhibition “Two songs”
2007 – Brest, exhibition hall “Mastactva” Cristmas exhibition
2007 – Minsk, gallery “La-Sandr Art”, Cristmas exhibition of modern belorussian artists.
2008 – Vitebsk, “Artsession 2008”
2008 – Minsk, gallery “La-Sandr Art”, personal exhibition “Summer vacations”
2008 – Pinsk, Museum of Belorussian Polesye, exhibition “Paleskiya Majsry”
2009 – Minsk, gallery “La- Sandr Art”, exhibition “Art cocktail”
2009 – Sevastopol, gallery “Mart”, exhibition “Parallels”
2009 – Brest, Recreation Centre of Unions, personal exhibition “Holiday of the colour”
2009 – Minsk, Palace of Arts, exhibition “Kalyadny fest”
2010 – Sevastopol, gallery “Mart”, exhibition “Jazz in the city”
2010 – Brest, Brest Drama Theatre, exhibition “Wings of everyday life: variations”
2010 – Moscow, magazine “Art Council”, winner of international cover contest “Gold gallery”
2010 – Minsk, 3rd Republican exhibition of modern art among university students “Art-Akademy”, winner in the nomination “Conceptuality and Creative Solution”
2011— Germany, Waren, exhibition hall “Haus des Gastes”, personal exhibition “Journey. Sunny view”
2011— Brest, exhibition “Art space”
2012— Saint-Petersburg, gallery “SPAS” , personal exhibition “On the sunny side of life”
2013— Grodno, gallery “U maistra”, personal exhibition “Urban conversations”
2013— Saint-Petersburg, gallery “SPAS”, exhibition “Green Ray”
2013— Saint-Petersburg, gallery “SPAS”, exhibition “The Guiding Thread”
2013— Saint-Petersburg, gallery “SPAS”, exhibition “Fulcrum”
2013— France, Les sables d’olone, exhibition “Le Territoire du paradis”
2013— France, Barbatre, exhibition “Le Souffle secret”
2013— France, Prefailles, exhibition “Le Soufflé secret”
2013— Brest, personal exhibition “Rendezvous with the sun”
2014 – Moscow, Albatross gallery, winner of international competition among young artists.
2014— France, Pornic, exhibition “Le carrousel de Saint-Petersbourg”
2014— France, Penestin, exhibition “Le carrousel de Saint-Petersbourg”
2014— Moscow, gallery “Serge”, exhibition “From home collection”
2014— Minsk, gallery “DK”, exhibition “From home collection”
2015— Saint-Petersburg, gallery “SPAS”, personal exhibition “Rendezvous with sun”
2015— Grodno, gallery “ U maistra”, exhibition “ From home collection”
2015— Minsk, Palace of arts, exhibition “Autumn Salon”
2015— Poland, Kazimierzh Dolny, gallery “Leonardo”, exhibition “Impressionizm Brzestski”
2016— Poland, Pulawy, gallery “Inter Libros”, exhibition “Impressionizm Brzescki”
2016— Brest, gallery “Belart”, personal exhibition “Summer. Grass. Silence”
2016— Minsk, gallery “Mastactwa” , exhibition “Sunny coasts”
2016— Minsk, Palace of arts, exhibition “Autumn Salon”
2017— National airport Minsk, exhibition “Young talents of Belarus”.
2017— Poland, Poznan, gallery “Kolegiacki art”, exhibition “Impressionizm Brzescki”.
2017— Minsk, Palace of arts, exhibition “Autumn Salon”
2017— Brest, Art Museum, exhibition “ Tania’s light, Ania’s garden”
2017— Vitebsk, gallery “Wall”, exhibition “From home collection”
2017— Brest, Times Café, exhibition “From home collection”
2018— Minsk, gallery Arthaos, exhibition “From Saint-Petersburg to Marseille”
2018— Poland, Kazimierzh Dolny, Gallery Grabskih, personal exhibition “Paleta Podrozy”
2018— Minsk, Palace of arts, international exhibition “Art Minsk”
2018— Minsk, Palace of arts, exhibition “Voyage, Voyage..”
2019— Minsk, gallery “Arthaos”, exhibition “Love works”
2019— Brest, museum of local History and Culture, exhibition “City of my love”
2019— Minsk, gallery “High Place”, exhibition “Dreams about France”

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